Our Projects


Waste Heat Recovery Systems: TES is currently involved with establishing prototype installations for ElectraThermís waste heat to power and pressure to power systems. Clients include major oil and gas drilling and refining operations, forestry sector lumber and pulp operations, and numerous industrial waste process heat applications.

Cogeneration of Heat, Cooling and Power: Pre-engineering and feasibility work is proceeding for on-site CHP at several facilities requiring both process heat and building heat.


TES is leading the preparation of large scale multi-family condominium and high rise co-generation projects in southern and central Alberta. Applying smart technologies and innovative business modelling, on-site cogeneration of heat, cooling and power will create lucrative profit centers and environmental benefits for the micro-utilitiesí owners.


Sustainable Community development represents one of TESís major marketing goals. Pre-engineering and feasibility work has been completed on several large subdivisions in southern and central Alberta, resulting in approvals to proceed with on-site CHCP.

Combined with a lucrative business proposition, TESís one-stop service enables developers and builders to pursue on-site energy production without compromising building and construction scheduling.


With soaring operating costs impacting major business development decisions, TES is assisting hotels, commercial retail facilities, and recreational complexes with effectively managing their bottom lines and environmental impact of operations.

By managing energy consumption and production concurrently, a traditional liability is now an appreciating asset.

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