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On-site Combined Heat, and Power (CHP) and Combined Heat, Cooling and Power (CHCP) is rapidly gaining acceptance worldwide as a viable solution for a cleaner and greener planet. The vision of many small centers producing heat, cooling and power on demand, presents unparalleled opportunity in a carbon constrained economy where affordability, economies of scale and the promise of a de-regulated marketplace provide the enabling mechanisms for success.

To this point CHP/CHCP has not been economically viable in Alberta due to relatively low energy costs. Rising energy prices and Total Energy Solutions’ smart CHP/CHCP has changed this situation.

Smart CHP/CHCP: How it Works

Power prices spike and fall many times every day.
The Alberta Electric Systems Operator (AESO) reports these prices live and on line continuously. By way of example, power prices on June 10, 2008 varied between $16.76 at 03:00 hrs to $999.99 at 10:00 hours on the same day! This pattern is repeated for a variety of reasons every day and can be exploited. The TES smart CHP/CHCP utilizes an on-board computer to read the AESO-published prices and to instructs the generator to run only when it is profitable to do so.

An Illustration:

At current costs for fuel the generator would be instructed to produce power when the combination of usable heat and the price of power combine to produce a positive economic gain.

As the heat shed from the engine is required and valued, the starting threshold can be reduced to take less profit on power while capturing the value of the heat. Our on-board computer is thus able to “optimize” the value of both power and heat to overall maximum return.

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