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ElectraTherm employs a closed loop Organic Rankin Cycle engine to create electricity from low grade waste heat and/or pressure without fuel or emissions. Current applications include:

  • Stationary IC engines
  • Coal Fired Power Plants
  • Geothermal & Hydrothermal sources
  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Industrial Waste heat

How ElectraTherm Works

Surplus heat captured by the evaporator is used to “boil” the working fluid into a vapor.

Under pressure, the vapor is forced through the screw expander turning it to spin an electric generator.

The vapor is cooled and condensed back into a liquid in the condenser.

The working fluid liquid refrigerant is pumped to higher temperature and returned to the evaporator to repeat the process.

Historically, ORCs incorporating a turbo expander have not been viable in sizes less than 1mW. By replacing turbo expanders with ElectraTherm’s patented robust low-cost expander, end users benefit from short payback on systems that provide unattended operation and negligible maintenance. Because turbo-expanders often comprise 40-50% of the total equipment cost, ET can achieve a 30% - 40% price advantage over turbo driven, small scale power systems.

ElectraTherm ORC units have several other key advantages over turbines in that they

  • employ off-the-shelf parts, pumps, and piping, along with proven proprietary hardware technology and system design.
  • run at roughly one-tenth the rotational speed of turbo expanders.
  • perform with less friction and greater lobe strength than any other known twin screw rotor profile.
  • operate without expensive gear boxes and/or electronics needed for high speed turbine operation.
  • admit wet vapor to the closed loop system (impossible with turbines) allowing ET’s
  • designed with a patented process lubrication system to eliminate the need for traditional oil pumps, tanks, lines and filters.
  • are bullet proof, built to perform in caustic environments that damage high-speed turbines and turbo expanders.
  • will accommodate low-temperature heat sources down to 200 degree liquids.
  • employ a non-flammable , eco-friendly refrigerant selected for high performance at low temperatures.
  • are totally modular in design.

ET’s patented “N” Rotor design raises the adiabatic efficiencies of ET’s twin screw positive displacement expander at lower tip speeds, replacing turbo-expanders at a fraction of the cost.

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