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Geothermal systems move heat or cooling from the ground or from water to the area to be heated or cooled. There are two basic types of geothermal systems: open loop and closed loop.

An open loop system uses water from a conventional well as a source of heat or cooling. During the heating cycle, water is pumped from the well through a heat pump, where the heat is transferred through an exchanger to a refrigerant and then in turn to the air. The water is then returned to the well.

Closed loop systems circulate a heat transfer medium through a system of buried or submerged plastic piping arranged horizontally or vertically. Ground based horizontal loop systems draw their heat from loops buried 6 to 8 feet in trenches. Vertical loop systems use holes bored approximately 200 feet deep, U-shaped loops of piping.

A third type of system, Direct Exchange, replaces the heat transfer medium of the closed loop system with the refrigerant of the heat pump. This system allows for much shorter runs of piping in the ground.

Heat pumps are scalable to any application

How a Heat Pump Works

Heat from ground source is transferred to the refrigerant, which boils to become a low temperature vapour.
The vapor is then compressed, which reduces its volume and causes it to heat.
The hot vapor is directed to the condenser coil, where it gives up its heat the buildings heating system.
The refrigerant then passes through an expansion device, where its temperature and pressure are dropped further before the cycle is repeated.
This cycle can be reversed during the cooling season thus acting as an efficient air-conditioning system.

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