Our Technology

Total Energy Solutions focuses on technologies deemed to be viable from a technical, economic and social perspective. These include combined heat and power (CHP) or combined heat, cooling and power (CHCP); waste heat generation (WHG); geothermal; and passive solar technologies. These can be employed independently, or as integrated systems.

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) “Cogeneration” Technologies

CHP technology relies on the generation of electricity on-site in order that waste heat can be captured and used. While CHP technology is well established and utilized world-wide, to date it has not been widely adopted in Alberta due to what has previously been relatively low cost energy.

Total Energy Solutions has developed smart-CHP technology that is not only cost beneficial, but highly profitable in a deregulated environment such as Alberta. A 1mW smart CHP installation can yield benefits upward of $300,000 per year.
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Waste Heat Generation Technologies (WHG)

Total Energy Solutions is a Canadian distributor for ElectraTherm’s low grade waste heat to power and pressure to power technologies. This unique technology can improve on-site energy performance by up to 15%. Low grade waste heat recovery from commercial or industrial processes will yield fuel-free power with an ROI of over 40%.
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Geothermal Technologies

Geothermal systems use largely renewable energy and can significantly reduce building energy requirements for space heating, cooling and water heating in buildings. Typically, total building energy savings of 25% or more can be achieved compared to designs with more traditional HVAC systems. Geothermal applications can be hybridized and integrated with CHP/CHCP to create an improved cost benefit.
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Solar Technologies

Where applicable, passive solar heating technologies are integrated with on-site CHP systems to enhance performance. Where local conditions warrant, passive solar heating can result in the downsizing of other compatible technologies such as engines and geothermal installations. Total Energy Solutions does not currently consider photo-voltaics to be economically viable at this point in time.
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